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                           Exploring Life's Options with Chuck

As you can see, the site is entitled 'Exploring Life's Options with Chuck' and there is a reason for the title.  There are so very many options presented to each and every one of us on a daily basis - actually on a moment by moment basis.  With that in mind, there are a few areas that I am passionate about and as such are of the most interest and importance to me and will be highlighted here.  

Coaching, Concept-Therapy and a more general heading of Health & Wellness fit perfectly with my belief in the importance of a healthy Body, Soul & Spirit.  All three areas interact with each other and integrate one within the other.  I see the Body being best represented by the Health & Wellness area.  I would say that the Soul is best represented by Concept-Therapy and finally, Spirit is represented best by Coaching.  Keep in mind that all are a part of each other but for the purposes of this site, I have placed each in the area where it is best served.  

Take a look around and see what 'speaks to you' then feel free to share your interests and/or needs with me and we'll begin Exploring Life's Options with Chuck!


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