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    CONCEPT-THERAPY presents in simple, understandable language the metaphysical approach to the Wisdom of the Ages. The truths regarding the great Unknown Power and the Laws of Life are not the revelation of any one person, nor can they be attributed to any particular group or age. They are the result of the hopes, the aspirations, and the dreams of enlightened souls of all the ages. CONCEPT-THERAPY presents a modern approach to the wisdom that the enlightened of all ages must have known. It merely coordinates these truths and makes them ore comprehensible. It explains the underlying Principle, The Golden Thread of Truth, from which ALL philosophies, religions, and the methods of healing spring forth.


    CONCEPT-THERAPY is therefore, the medium by which one may gain not only HEALTH, and PEACE but WISDOM, and with WISDOM one can live his or her life in harmony with the Divine.


    What does CONCEPT-THERAPY mean? The word concept may be defined as an abstract notion or an idea. In CONCEPT-THERAPY it means an idea in the consciousness of a person. Therapy means having healing qualities. A concept, or an idea, which has become fixed in the consciousness may be true or false, constructive or destructive. CONCEPT-THERAPY concerns itself with changing faulty concepts in the consciousness. It teaches the methods by which FALSE CONCEPTS may be discovered, understood and removed, or replaced by TRUE CONCEPTS.




    In order to understand how CONCEPTS, or ideas, become FIXED in the consciousness, it is necessary to know how they are developed or created. Thus CONCEPT-THERAPY begins its instruction with the UNKNOWN POWER the Source of all created things and, ultimately, of all IDEAS or CONCEPTS.


    In teaching a subject it is essential that we begin with a premise upon which all agree. As CONCEPT-THERAPY begins its instruction with the creation of the world, we resort to the only two authorities available to us, namely, science and theology. Science teaches that the entire material universe is constructed of small particles of matter called sub-atomic particles and from these particles the world was created. Science neither admits nor denies the existence of God. It merely states that the existence of a Supreme Being cannot be proved by scientific means. Theology teaches that God created the world either from Himself or from nothing.


    The human mind, being taught that for every effect there must be a cause, is unable to accept the premise that something can be created out of nothing. Such a proposition violates the dictates of right reason. Therefore, we are able to consider only two possible explanations, science or theology. A careful study of these two precepts will show that, in reality, there is no conflict between them. Both say the same thing but in a different way. If it is true that God is everywhere, then He must have been in each sub-atomic particle. Thus it will be seen that the two interpretations are synonymous in meaning. One may begin at either of the two causes, and by a process of logical reasoning the student will arrive at the same conclusions that we reach in CONCEPT-THERAPY.


    Beginning then, as we do, with God and the sub-atomic particles, we show in our instruction the different phases of creation, and we find that the instruction parallels both the teaching of science and theology. The student learns how the sub-atomic particles existed in a void, so to speak, which constitutes the first stage of creation. It is startling to discover that even in this stage there was a CONSCIOUSNESS in each sub-atomic particle, a CONSCIOUSNESS which goes from stage to stage gathering attributes and increasing intelligence until we finally reach the phase of rational human life. This wonderful story of creation, presented as it is, can be compared to an assembly line wherein one may view the construction of an automobile from the raw materials to the finished product. The student of CONCEPT-THERAPY will actually be able to visualize the creation of the Human from the first cause to the most highly developed specimen.




    When the plane of HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS is reached in the study of CONCEPT-THERAPY, one becomes aware that the Human is something more than mere body. The Human is a SOUL, and has what he or she calls a mind and a body. Each of these component parts of ones personality body, mind and soul plays an important role in life and is governed by exact immutable laws. CONCEPT-THERAPY teaches, further, that we live in a Universe of Law and Order, but to obtain health, happiness and peace of mind one must live in accordance with the LAW. One who understands the Laws which govern his or her health and one's personality is naturally better prepared to live by them. CONCEPT-THERAPY teaches the student how to attune himself or herself to the INFINITE POWER and how to utilize the Power.




    CONCEPT-THERAPY gives its students a thorough understanding of the methods and principles underlying ALL HEALING. It shows why ALL HEALING METHODS sometimes fail, and it enables the student to know just what happens WHEN a cure is made regardless of HOW it is performed.


    To give an idea of what such an understanding brings, let us investigate the various sciences of healing that attempt to cure human illness. Medicine, chiropractic, osteopathy, naturopathy are physical sciences which treat or work on the BODY to alleviate dis-ease. Each has its merits, and each has a place in healing. Each also has its successes and failures. However, when confronted with a dis-ease, which has its origin in the mind, all fail to bring about a cure. They fail because they are then treating effects when the CAUSE lies in the mind.


    Psychology, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, Christian Science are mental sciences which treat, or work on, the MIND to alleviate disease which is expressed in the body. Religious cures, prayer, faith healing and other methods work through the medium of the human SOUL to alleviate dis-ease. There is no question that these systems do cure a great many people. However, when attempting to treat a dis-ease, which has a purely physical origin, they also fail unless those who use these methods understand the GREAT SECRET behind all healing.


    CONCEPT-THERAPY presents the method of effecting cures under ANY and ALL systems. The PRINCIPLE underlying ALL HEALING is made clear. One who understands this principle is then able to eliminate dis-ease on all three planes physical, mental and spiritual. It is erroneous to think or believe that one must become religious, change one's religion, or engage in any religious work in order to use CONCEPT-THERAPY. Quite the opposite is true. Your work is done on a strictly scientific basis with an understanding of the Laws involved.




    CONCEPT-THERAPY teaches the great lesson of ADAPTATION. Not only does the student learn the significance of the ancient precept "KNOW THYSELF" but he or she is taught how to cope with negative factors in the personalities of others as well as in his or her environment. Thus one is able to live in the realm of POSITIVE thought instead of the NEGATIVE, and he or she finds real PEACE


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