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Personal Coaching

....when you Chat with Chuck you will experience something that most people have had very little of......being listened to.  No, Chuck's ears are't the size of Dumbo the elephant's but what he DOES with his normal sized ears is to listen to each and every thing you say as if it was the most important thing he has ever heard.   Why?  As far as Chuck is concerned, each and every thing you say IS the most important thing he has ever heard because YOU are what this entire process is all about and as such there is nothing more important.  As you speak, he will take notes and ask you additional questions to be sure everything is brought out into the open.  Not only will he listen with his ears but his intuition will be hard at work listening for what it is you are NOT saying.....what it is that your words may be saying but your voice is not.  Most people have so many things hidden deep inside of themselves, things that they've long ago tried to forget and/or have stuffed deep down inside so even when they are talking and saying that something does or does not bother them....there may be a tiny voice from deep within that is trying to get out and it may show up in the way words are spoken or maybe NOT spoken...perhaps in the voice inflection - you get the idea.   

In addition to Chuck's ears, you will also receive bits and pieces of a lifetime's wisdom that he has been accumulating over the past 50 years.  What you will NOT get is an agenda that is other than your own and there is NO judgment.


Finally - and very importantly - you'll realize that when you Chat with Chuck, you are talking with someone who cares.  He cares about you, about whatever it is that is on your mind, about where you have been, where you are now and where you want to go...... you will be building a relationship with the one person whose sole interest is about empowering you to realize your dreams and achieve your goals.  When you Chat with Chuck, it is ALL ABOUT YOU!


Coaching Packages and Pricing

Generally, the first step is a free assessment call, usually lasting around 30 minutes.  This call provides us the opportunity to discuss general questions you may have as well as specific interests and/or goals that you would like to work towards and/or achieve. Keep in mind that this is about you, so feel free to ask any/everything you can think of so we can get our new relationship off on the best possible footing.

To best serve your individual needs, we have developed several coaching packages.  Please, review them and if you are unable to decide which package best suits you or you feel you want something that is not offered, do not hesitate to let us know and we'll see how we might be able to accommodate your specific needs.

Sessions are primarily conducted over the telephone which allows you greater scheduling flexibility and options like being able to call from any location you choose such as your home or office. 

Session lengths vary by package or need, with the most common lengths being either thirty or forty-five minutes, depending on the package you select and depending on the package there are various options for telephone and/or email support between sessions.


The three packages being offered at this time are as follows:


Identify Package:         $395.00

This package consists of 4 weekly 30 minute sessions per month (minimum of three months).  

This is the basic package and as such there is no email or telephone follow up support between sessions.


Clarity Package:       $450.00 

This package consists of 4 weekly 45 minute sessions per month (minimum of three months).

In addition, this package includes up to 6 emails between sessions.  This package has no telephone follow up support.


Empowerment Package:      $495.00

This package consists of 4 weekly 45 minute sessions per month (minimum of three months).

In addition, this package includes UNLIMITED email support & up to 2 (15 minute) telephone calls,

should the need arise for follow up and/or support between sessions.


Other session lengths as well as Couple/Family/Group rates are available on a case by case basis.


Each package is payable in advance and sessions may be rescheduled in which case 24 hour notice must be given.


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